Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I don't have much time to post. But I did want to say that I am glad that all the women-bloggers, and feminist man-bloggers, are speaking up. I hope everyone takes note: here, here, here, here.

I don't roam very far afield, blog-wise, but I don't buy the whole essentialist women are more visual hypothesis (and I find Stephanie's claim that this has to do with the treatment of women-bloggers as objects of a privileged male gaze pretty chilling) Whether female-bloggers are more apt to employ a non-normative ecriture feminine than male bloggers are apt to exercise whatever kinds of non-normative writing options are theirs, I don't know. (I resist it now, but I could be convinced otherwise).

But isn't blog-topia's favorite sexual harasser and homophobe also one of the most imagistic?


Jasper Bernes said...
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you suck said...

Erasing my comments--maybe you ought to face your own hard truth, puppy! Which is that you are a urine-slickened coward.