Friday, March 31, 2006




The following are urban samples uncovered during trial apocalypse. We
thought it weird to have loved survival so, wanting place on a plaque,
boulevards with vertigo trees. Armored cars raced in and out the thick
goings-on the dream flush with cash. Of flesh: glittering hyperlinks flee
the paving stones, astride the Intro-Duct, the splash page, a suspension
of time-sensitive abbreviations, by the waters of Of. Having died at
some future date our feet factored primes of, so I would (gone) go, begot
by dint of my new, radiant, heat-seeking and child-safe preposition
which, a propos of nothing, proposing nothing but purest impropriety,
was neither about nor to nor of the city it would make its non-object.
House to house like institutes for social research collect affect and fact,
such that we don’t have to deal with or even disinfect their non-history.
At the theological center of the city, where the posthumans congress in
underground malls, what no-one said (poetry): how the north was done.



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