Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ten Poems

I've been trying to think up a suitable analogy for this exercise: picking your ten favorite poems is like is like is like picking ten people to join you for an extended vacation on a locked ward--regrets and regardlessness whichevereachway. Nevertheless, these be mine--

1) "The Fact is the place . . ." (Ello es que el lugar. . .)--Cesar Vallejo
2) "Rivers and Mountains" title poem, Ashbery
3) section II "Voyages" Hart Crane
4) "Industrious /mineral resources" Celan
5) "Mont Blanc" Shelley
6) "Four Tress - upon a Solitary Acre" Dickinson
7) "Those Various Scalpels" Marianne Moore
8) "Coal" Audre Lorde
9) "Respondez" Walt Whitman
10) This space reserved for unknown participant

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gina said...

Mont Blanc. Thank you.