Thursday, September 20, 2007


By pure coincidence, two products of my summer's leisures are now available.

1) I guest edited an issue of the online journal (Counterpath Online) run out of Counterpath Press. It features works by Karen Leona Anderson, Joshua Clover, Dolores Dorantes, Gabriel Gudding, Charles Legere, Ange Mlinko, Jennifer Moxley, Jennifer Scappettone, Suzanne Stein, Rod Smith, David Weiss, Allyssa Wolf and Mia You. Please do read my editor's introduction, as it explains the experimental format for the issue.

2) I also wrote an series of theses, "On the Poverty of Internet Life: a Call for Poets," for Joyelle and Johannes's Action, Yes. My hope is that they will provoke some conversation, and that, moreover, around them some political (in)activities or (dis) organizations might emerge in which the special skills and maladapted bodies of poets can be made useful. Action, Yes has a discussion board, so you should chime in. Or, you can send me a message by destroying your local INS or military recruitment office with a poem by Mallarme. That's actually much quicker than e-mail. [Note: just so you know, I think my piece reads a bit better in the printer-friendly format.]

In all, it looks like a terrific issue. I've already read Josh's talk on the baroque--a subject that won't leave me alone of late-- and Ariana Reines's poetics statement. Both pieces are, I think, in dialogue with each other (and with my essay) in ways that seem, at first glance, fruitful.


brian salchert said...

I first learned of Action Yes when I visited Simon DeDeo's blog late last night. I've read James Pate's review/essay, Josh's thoughts, your in-depth call, and several of the poems. I agree with you, and have added Action Yes to my favorite sites list, and sent an email to John Dermot Woods. Linh Dinh recently placed a long 9/11 post on his blog. Seth Abramson has several posts on his blog about the tasering of the UF student at John Kerry's talk there.

from the ghost in the dumpster,
Brian A J Salchert

Jasper Bernes said...

Good, Brian. If you leave me your e-mail, I'll be in touch.

brian salchert said...


Wasn't sure my comment took, so I
forwarded my email to Woods to you.

But I am at
thinkinglizard AT aol . com

Providence said...

J, I posted tangential thoughts inspired by your essay on "Internet Life" as Have at it! P

Anonymous said...

Jasper, your issue of Counterpath is stunning, absolutely stunning.

I've had trouble getting through your Action, Yes essay, but one day I will. I didn't notice your editor's note on the Counterpath issue, but I am reading it now and it is much easier going.

Also: I am stopping by to tell you to yell at your publisher! amazon lists your book as available since August, but my order will not ship for more than a month apparently (I will let you know when it does ship in case this is amazon's error.)

Hope all is well!