Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Organs without Bodies

A few quotes for those who do, and those who do not, think that Marx's terminology is too antiquated for the terrors of today. Don't miss your chance to watch primitive accumulation in action!

"About 260 workers in Dalian process about 30 bodies a year. The workers, who generally earn $200 to $400 a month, first dissect the bodies and remove skin and fat, then put the bodies into machines that replace human fluids with soft chemical polymers."

"He who was previously the money-owner now strides out in front as a capitalist; the possessor of labour-power follows as his worker. The one smirks self-importantly and is intent on business; the other is timid and holds back, like someone who has brought his own hide to market and now has nothing else to expect but--a tanning" (280, Capital).

"Living labour must seize on these things, awaken them from the dead, change them from merely possible into real and effective use-values. Bathed in the fire of labour, appropriated as part of is organism, and infused with vital energy for the performance of the functions appropriate to their concept and to their vocation in the process, they are indeed consumed, but to some purpose, as elements in the formation of new use-values, new products, which are capable of entering individual consumption as means of subsistence or into a new labour process as means of production" (289-90, Capital)

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