Thursday, January 05, 2006

Not too sure how I should feel about the fact that, now that Los Angeles is nearly tolerable, it feels more and more like a borough of New York. Only: lower rates of bodily collision. And better weather.


Such an art hotspot, now, LA, that you can't actually see any of the art produced here. It's all in Chelsea.


Terrible news (from Josh) about Ithaca's bookstore, the Bookery closing. He did really build an incredible poetry selection there. It's a big blow to pedestrians, too: one less place which sells items of value, as opposed to overpriced (tourist shops) and very cheap (dollar-stores) things for which no true purpose (besides sheer accumulation for accumulation's sake) can be found. If it's 7:00 in Ithaca, and you need a pen or toilet paper, you're out of luck. But why would a healthy American citizen be without a car these days anyway, except due to scorn or lazineness or plain contrariness? I'd prefer not to say.

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