Thursday, December 22, 2005

L(ate)M(odernism) Until

And what would we do without Ange Mlinko’s casual brilliance? Happy to note no Pound in the elements, but no Crane either. Perhaps we need a fifth element, void, for which I nominate Stein: background chatter, background grammars in front of which all of the others posit and tip-off and turn.

So, Winter (especially late winter) is Williams. Eliot Fall? Moore-Stevens Summer and Stein Spring? Hmm. . . all mythologies fail, eventually, I suppose. Is that what they’re for?

I’m excitedly waiting for Jordan’s rundown of the year in Poesy.

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Ange M said...

I accept the compliment, even if I feel less than brilliant reading that *your* toddler is potty-training himself. How did you manage that? (Pulling hair out.)

Williams is more equinox than either winter or spring: the moment when it turns. That's the other problem with my mythology: most great poets are more accurately described by a quasi-season, an interim or admixture, than the fullblown season itself.

I know, Crane! We have to fit him in!