Sunday, July 31, 2005

X-Country Journal

With what joy in my heart did I, having suffered the infernal heats and sweats of the Central Valley, crest the hills into Richmond and feel percuss upon my skin the healing, cool breezes and fogs of the SF bay, knowing that I would soon see Anna and Noah and our new home and all else full of promises rich and strange. Five days of nearly constant locomotion; even while I was asleep the road kept slipping under me. A lovely visit with GG in Normal, Illinois (see picture above). Gabe's still basically insane in his own special and inimitable way, so it's good to know that town's name has only served as an inducement to irony. Kansas, Kansas, etc. A place they call Denver; the high plains of Wyoming; the salt flats of Utah. Terrible twenty-car accident in the Great Basin of Nevada, the westbound lanes of I-80 become a helicopter landing pad for a good three hours. I've never seen anything like it, and I hope never to see such a thing again. There must be a way to transport goods that doesn't involve deadly behemoth tractor-trailers manned by underslept and probably malnourished people, given the food options on the road (burger after burger after burger). After that, I failed to cause any real substantial trouble in Reno. Not in the mood. But I did take a lovely little walk at Donner Summit the following day.

The truck arrives later this afternoon, and so, with my already ravaged body, I'll haul all of our things up into our new second-and-third-floor apartment at University Village in Albany. The townhouses there are surprisingly handsome, with lots of light and air, and a communal feeling--toys everywhere, friendly albeit exhausted looking student parents, joy-stricken children--that's probably rare these days. Smaller, of course, than our house in Ithaca, but many perquisites.

If you are alive mostly in the Bay Area and are reading this, please do let me know how I can find out about poetry readings. I'm eager to begin living here with my ears.


Kristine said...

Welcome to the Bay Area!

I randomly stumbled upon your blog and saw your call for all things literary. Your best bet would be to join ampersand which is a yahoo group and then check out: under art, they list readings. The squidlist while not entirely literary will at least keep you updated on quirky-arty-fun events city wide.

Once school begins in the Fall the readings will be coming in so fast you'll hardly be able to keep up.

Doria said...


I'm here living in Richmond studying poetry at SFSU --lots and lots of readings drop me a line and I'll pull together some I know about...


BIO said...

The skinny on SF Bay area readings-

Poetry Flash

Intersection for the Arts

Cody’s Books

Mills College Reading Series

Stanford reading Series

USF Lone Mountain Reading Series
(Check English/Creative Writing dept. websites in the fall)

City Lights Bookstore

The Poetry Center